Website Maintenance

поддръжка на уеб сайт

Website support is the process of regularly updating content, upgrading functionality, and updating the software.

This should be done regularly and consistently to keep the website in good technical condition, which is extremely important to your business, encouraging continued growth in traffic and strengthening positioning in Google and other search engines.

A well-maintained website is important for large and small companies who want to win new customers as well as retain existing customers. For start-ups, this is the best way to reduce responsibilities and plan expenses.

Website maintenance should not be underestimated. A site that is not maintained can become a problem that could harm your business. One of the common reasons to underestimate the website’s support is that it is not always an immediate problem.

However, just like human health, the condition of a website may get worse due to a number of factors if it stays too long without regular check.

сео оптимизация на сайт Пловдив от Кристиян Панграц


Priority service

Priority service and response time up to 24 hours

upgrading and updating of the Website

Renewal and upgrade of site functionality. Software updates.

Website backup

Back up of your entire website and database weekly.

Protection from malicious attacks

The site will be scanned for malicious attacks as well as those that affect the positioning of the site.


The site will be monitored for technical issues, positioning, and updates

Domain and hosting payment

Annual domain and hosting payment to maintain your site online

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