Support & Maintenance

LabForty provides ongoing support and maintenance services, enabling organizations to carry on their business with a peace of mind. We help business focus on expanding while reducing their expenses and avoiding dealing with software upgrades and maintenance issues in-house

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For start-ups, outsourcing support tasks is the best way to reduce their time to market, efforts, and expenses.


Our Priority Service guarantees that service requests are treated with the highest priority and customers receive response within 4 hours.

Monitoring and

Website monitoring is essential to deliver always-on web applications and a seamless end-user experience. Our service helps identify performance issues early and provides root cause analysis.


Updates are crucial to keeping your website, apps, and other software secure and fast. Our support and maintenance contracts will help keep your project secure and up to date. You can also utilize our expert development and consulting services when needed.

Reduce Responsibilities & Expenses

We can prepare a custom support & maintenance plan tailored to your company needs and the type of software you run. This is the most efficient way to reduce internal responsibilities and plan expenses.

from experts

With LabForty, your project is handled by experts. Our team takes a balanced, customized approach to each project, from the discovery and scoping phase, all the way to launch.

Up to Date
Tech Stack

To keep up with trends and technological advancement, your software needs to evolve together with technology. It can be as simple as keeping up with design trends or new functionality that helps you better meet the demands of customers.

Deep industry

Leverage our deep industry knowledge and technology expertise to keep your systems optimized and safe.