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Topcho LTD is a factory specializing in the production of frameless furniture. The company was founded in 2015 and has production facilities with a monthly capacity of around 5000 products. Topcho has been growing continuously and the company is expanding its digital footprint.
Founded in 2011 with the mission to provide unique and innovative solutions that facilitate the distribution and growth of investment products for asset managers, today FlexFunds is globally recognized as a best-in-class service provider for the administration of securitized assets. They have over 1.5 billion under administration with more than 250 Issuances and over 200 Clients around the world.
The company Creative M Ltd. specializes in machine laying of industrial flooring, by means of the high-tech vibro method – Vibrofloors. Implementing the vibro method results in smooth surfaces with extremely high bearing strength under vibration, homogenous flooring and short deadlines.
Diamond Event offers professional setup of company parties and events, offering everything needed: design, decoration organization, and implementation. They take care of every detail including sound, light, DJ, musicians, ballet, decoration, catering, shows, host, and animators.