Hotel Esperanto

Hotel Esperanto is a dream place for holidays. We have plenty of rooms and suites, furnished with elegant and modern furniture, including TVs, refrigerators, air conditioning, shower cabins and hairdryers. Each room has a wonderful view of the sea or the mountains and the beautiful town of Nessebar.

Our work

Custom, responsive design

After learning everything we could about the business through our Mobile-first approach and applying development best practices, we created a custom design optimized for different screens and tailored to the corporate identity and specific needs of the client.

Custom admin panel

We created a robust, user-friendly custom administration panel, allowing the content of each project page to be updated through different access levels.

Marketing & analytics

LabForty integrated all necessary digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook Pixel.

SEO & site speed

Our mobile-first approach and commitment to best practices ensures your project is always optimized in terms of speed, reliability, and user interface.

Superb support

Our clients receive dedicated, customized service. Any time. Any day.

Multiple languages

We increased visibility and boosted conversions by adding multilingual functionality. Our translation technology is fully optimized for multilingual SEO, and we’ve ensured optimal visibility for each page from leading search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.

Access innovation


Our experience creating complex enterprise solutions enables us to deliver superior results while taking advantage of leading practices.

The tech stack

we use and love

Every successful website is dependent on its underlying technology. Our development process begins with analyzing the needs of your project and choosing the right platform and technology to ensure your site is easy to maintain and simple to scale.

Microsoft Blazor

Blazor plays a key role in creating next-generation interactive user interfaces at LabForty.


React is an open-source JavaScript library used for building user interfaces. React UIs are extremely fast to load and provide a positive user experience.


WordPress is an open-source content management system powering over 40% of websites on the Internet.
We create custom web solutions utilizing out end-to-end development services. Leverage our deep industry knowledge and technological expertise to nurture customer decisions and drive revenue.

Made by LabForty

FlexInvest seeks to democratize the world of personal finance by bringing banking and investment management into a single, free, easy to use mobile app accessible by everyone.
We are here to educate and prove that investing and banking can be simple and fun. This educational website from FlexInvest is providing the basics about investing, stock selection & personal finance in simple and easy to comprehend. is a fairly new but very ambitious company on the Bulgarian market for relocation, transportation and moving services. For our short existence we have already gained the trust of many clients and proven companies.
In its work, “AVRAMOV-1” combines professionalism and a desire to apply new technologies and a big range of services, ensuring normal working conditions and environmental protection. Optimally selected brigades and units work at “AVRAMOV-1”. “Avramov-1” is a company that has been developing and imposing itself on the Bulgarian market for more than twenty years, offering competitive and high-quality services.