FlexInvest chose LabForty for its new mobile app

FlexInvest chose LabForty to develop its new mobile app for iOS and Android. Over the years, FlexInvest has recognized LabForty as a trusted partner that can take on the development of digital products and the company’s online presence.

The new real-time trading mobile app is being built by LabForty to the highest standard, and our experience in delivering sophisticated enterprise solutions allows us to take advantage of leading practice and the latest Android and iOS app development technologies.

The financial services industry is increasingly dependent on innovation and digital transformation. We speak the language of the industry and provide end-to-end financial software solutions.




Christian Pangratz

Christian Pangratz

Christian Pangratz is the CEO of LabForty, with strong aptitude for strategically assessing, formulating, and solving technical & business challenges in software development. Chris is result-driven with a taste for high-impact projects that cross multiple industries.

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