Fintech software

We develop and automate custom software solutions for enterprise fintech clients. Our services include building back-end systems for trading and reconciliation, portfolio management, and banking tools.


Enhanced security

We favor native apps because of their reliability and security. These apps use the core languages of each OS, guaranteeing more robust protection against security violations.

Fintech apps

We offer the full suite of applications, from basic features like account management, money transfers, and payment scheduling to advanced functionalities like cardless withdrawal, live chat, KYC integrations, and biometric authentication.

Fund administration

Fund administration software is key for passive fund issuers in keeping with the mandate of their funds. We develop custom solutions that ensure issuers reliably administer their funds and stay compliant.

On time, within budget

We set clear project expectations right from the initial proposal to ensure surprise-free success. Every project is structured to be completed on time and within budget.

Superb support

LabForty clients get unrivaled support and service. Your teams can always count on us to solve any issues promptly, 24/7.

Expert advice

Your project is handled by experts during every step of development. Our team takes a customized approach to every step of the journey, from project discovery to post-launch support.

Financial software engineering

We’re fluent in Fintech. Discover the LabForty difference and see how our comprehensive financial software engineering solutions and expertise will benefit you!

Fund administration

Fund administration is an essential component for the mandate of passive ETFs, trackers, and leveraged funds whose activities are monitored by financial authorities and market participants. We offer precise, custom software solutions to help with fund administration, end-of-day and intraday rebalancing, fund monitoring, and reporting.

Automatic asset trading

LabForty solutions enable automated trading of assets, ensuring your ETF, tracker, or leveraged funds are always compliant.

Percentage of portfolio rebalancing

Our custom software makes fund administration, end-of-day and intraday rebalancing, fund monitoring, and reporting simple and secure.

Exposure & risk-based rules

Updates are crucial to keeping your software secure and fast. Our support and maintenance contracts will keep your project secure and up to date.

Mobile apps for Fintech

LabForty is transforming the financial industry through technology. Our apps break down barriers in finance and remove uncertainties in finance to improve financial health. We make it possible for consumers to make better investment decisions and enjoy a more secure, financially independent life. With LabForty, limited working hours, delays in transfers, and slow card payments are a thing of the past!