Fintech software

Leverage our expertise in Fintech application development to enhance or embed trading services and fund administration tools while ensuring user data and software security at all times.


Investment Apps

LabForty’s custom-built software solutions offer access to stock markets, fractional share and margin trading, budgeting and savings optionalities, card and banking solutions, all designed with a customer-centric approach.

Realtime Trading

Realtime Trading

Our advanced back-end technology enables access to real-time market data for a wide range of stock categories, ensuring swift order execution. Users can explore various investment opportunities and build a personalized portfolio that matches their risk tolerance.

Realtime Trading

Margin Trading

Fractional Share Trading

IBAN Issuance

Card Issuance

Budgeting & Savings Tracking Tools

Multiple Currencies

Secure authorization & authentication

Custom Notifications

We offer the flexibility for users to customize notifications to receive updates about in-app changes, account transactions, investment statuses, and more based on their preferences.

Payment Gateway Integration

We partner with reliable payment gateways to help you authorize in-app payment transactions quickly and securely.

Customer Support

LabForty can build an AI help center section to support your users at any time.

Features include:


Two-factor authentication
Two-factor authentication


Biometric security
Biometric security


Phone number registration
Phone number registration

Fund Administration

Efficient management and administration of funds within the platform.

Automatic Asset Trading

At LabForty, we can enable the automation of assets trading, ensuring your ETF, tracker, or leveraged funds are always compliant.

Percentage of Portfolio Rebalancing

Our custom software simplifies and secures fund administration, end-of-day and intraday rebalancing, fund monitoring, and reporting.

Exposure & Risk-based Rules

Regular updates are essential for maintaining the security and performance of your software. Our support and maintenance contracts will ensure your project remains secure and up-to-date.

Exposure & Risk-based Rules

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