E-commerce was significantly accelerated by COVID and has become mandatory for any retailer. Our software development services encompass the entire process of building an online store and making sure it is fully integrated with everything it needs to succeed.

Why choose our
E-commerce Solutions?

Our team is constantly looking for useful ways to leverage the latest technology to provide added value to our customers. LabForty’s services cover the entire process of technical design and implementation, including all necessary third-party integrations and analytics.


After focusing on learning everything about your business, we create a tailor made custom design from scratch, based on your specific inputs and needs.

web design

Responsive design offers tailor-made solutions for mobile devices. This allows consistency between what a site shows on a desktop and what it shows on a handheld device.


We provide the necessary optimizations to bring your e-commerce business to the next level in terms of speed, reliability, UI, analytics, and third-party integrations.


E-commerce relies on quick, easy, and secure payment processors. Our experience with payment integrations delivers seamless experience for the end customer.

Integration with social networks

Customizable mobile-friendly online store for shoppers on Facebook and Instagram. You can maintain one unified shopping experience across Facebook apps and customize the experience.​


Create any type of bulk discounts, dynamic pricing, advanced discounts, percentage discounts, product based discounts, tiered discounts for your products.​

We work with Suitable Platforms

Successful online businesses depend on the careful choice of eCommerce platform. Our development process starts with analyzing your business needs and choosing the technology prior to setting up the project scope.


WooCommerce is a fully customizable open-source eCommerce platform used by a number of high-traffic websites. Its cross-platform responsiveness is phenomenal, making it easier for customers to shop using a smartphone. WooCommerce is currently active on more than three million websites and is the most popular eCommerce platform.


Shopify is paid complete commerce platform that lets you start, grow, and manage a business. Used by both startups and enterprise-sized businesses, its benefits include plenty of third-party integrations to help the software scale alongside your business’s needs and growth.


Magento is an eCommerce platform built on open-source technology which provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system along with marketing and SEO tools. Its ability to scale allows smaller online stores to easily expand to tens of thousands of products and complex custom behavior without the need to change platforms.

E-Commerce Platforms Market Share

E-commerce software is the technology that handles all online store operations, such as managing inventory, adding, or removing products, and calculating taxes and fulfilling orders.
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Market share of leading e-commerce software platforms and technologies worldwide as of April 2020*. WooCommerce was the worldwide leading e-commerce software platform in 2020, with a market share of 28.24 percent. Squarespace Online Stores and Shopify ranked second and third, with shares of 17.69 and 10.98 percent respectively.

E-Commerce with us

Our deep industry knowledge allows us to create fast, mobile-first, and easy to use online stores. We also take care of web hosting, search engine optimization, and site maintenance so you can focus on growing your business.