Successful online presence through individual design

When building a successful online presence, the decisions you have to make can seem endless at first – from the choice of colour scheme, number of pages and their structure, to what marketing tools will be used. All of these decisions are crucial in how you’re going to reach and present your company to your audience in the most appropriate way.

It is important to keep in mind that you will be judged against your competition, so you will want your business to stand out and be memorable. Custom tailored websites are designed to meet your specific corporate needs and this can play a very big role for your online presence.

Custom CMS

The advantage of having a custom website is that you also have a custom content management system (CMS) that is specificaly made for the individual needs of your project. It will be very simple to access and manage all of the elements on your website, which will actually save you time and cost by avoiding the need to hire a developer to manipulate the content on the site. You can very easily do it with a few clicks!


When it comes to how your users interact with you, having a dedicated navigation and a simple, yet effective, website structure will provide a good user experience, which is a big factor to think about when deciding if you should custom design your website. If you have a defined corporate identity, it will be important for you to have an online presence that matches the brand. This can only be achieved through custom design.

Our team is constantly looking for better ways to use technology solutions to provide added value to our clients. Our services cover the entire design and implementation process, including the necessary integrations and analytics.




Christian Pangratz

Christian Pangratz

Christian Pangratz is the CEO of LabForty, with strong aptitude for strategically assessing, formulating, and solving technical & business challenges in software development. Chris is result-driven with a taste for high-impact projects that cross multiple industries.

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