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We deliver innovative solutions with the highest level of speed, reliability, and quality. Discover why market leaders around the world are choosing LabForty for their enterprise solutions!

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iOS & Android applications


Support & maintenance

We custom development services for ecommerce customers. Our team covers the entire process of technical design and implementation for custom online stores and marketplaces, including all the necessary third-party integrations and analytics.


We offer end-to-end development services for e-commerce customers, covering the entire process of technical design and implementation for custom online stores and marketplaces, including all necessary third-party integrations and analytics.


See how our mobile-first responsive websites help businesses sell more and grow faster by reaching their target audience across all screens and devices. Leverage our deep industry knowledge and technology expertise to nurture customer decisions and drive revenue.

iOS & Android applications

Labforty will cover the entire cycle of development for you, from proof of concept to technology consulting, development, and QA for your applications. Our development services bind apps and back-end services together, ensuring they function as a system. We have experience in enterprise integrations of various complexity, scale, and technologies.


Find out how Labforty can develop and automate custom software solutions for enterprise Fintech clients, including brokers, asset managers, and issuers. Our services include building back-end systems, trading and reconciliation systems, as well as portfolio management tools.

Support & maintenance

Labforty provides ongoing support for all our clients, enabling organizations to carry on their business while we work behind the scenes. We help businesses focus on expansion, while reducing their expenses and freeing them from the constant headache of inhouse maintenance and software upgrades.

Why us

It’s simple. We deliver innovative solutions with the highest level of speed, reliability, and UI quality. We understand the importance of constant innovation and know the critical role software plays in any business. We work behind the scenes, using best development practices and focusing on trends in technology to provide you the support needed to grow.

On time,
within budget

We set clear project expectations right from the initial proposal to ensure surprise-free success. Every project is structured to be completed on time and within budget.


LabForty clients get unrivaled support and service. Your teams can always count on us to solve any issues promptly, 24/7.


Your project is handled by experts during every step of development. Our team takes a customized approach to every step of the journey, from project discovery to post-launch support.

Dedicate to
your success

We aim to be a vital part of our clients’ technical team and know our company’s success is ultimately tied to your success and growth.

Where knowledge
meets passion

The technical expertise of the LabForty team, combined with a passion for what we do, has proven to be a winning formula for our clients’ long-term success.

Best value
for investment

By choosing LabForty, you’re tapping into a positive, productive team with the vision, drive, and attention to detail that mean the difference between a successful project and an expensive mistake.

Access innovation.

Software plays a crucial role for any modern business. LabForty provides industry knowledge and technological expertise to nurture your customers’ decisions and drive revenue.

Success stories

FlexInvest seeks to democratize the world of personal finance by bringing banking and investment management into a single, free, easy to use mobile app accessible by everyone.
Leverage Shares is the European leader in physically backed exchange traded products (ETPs), offering experience traders magnified exposure, daily investment objectives, and efficiency when buying stocks on leverage.
Brand IQ is a global advertising technology and services firm that empowers organizations of all sizes to take control of their brand development and digital advertising.
Many small and medium-sized businesses lack the time, resources, and necessary know-how to manage their own IT environment. Zelos IT’s mission is to offer a wide range of solutions from managed services to full outsourcing of your setups, software applications, and business processes.