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Lab Forty is a trusted IT company, specializing in software development for small and medium businesses.

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What we do



iOS & Android Applications

Support & Maintenance

We offer end-to-end development services for e-commerce customers. Our services cover the entire process of technical design and implementation for custom online stores and marketplaces, including all the necessary third-party integrations and analytics.

What we do


We create tailor-made e-commerce solutions with our end-to-end development services. Our focus is building custom online stores and marketplaces.


Create mobile-first web applications that help you reach all your audience across devices through a single solution. Leverage our deep industry knowledge and technology expertise to help you nurture customer decisions and drive revenue.

iOS & Android Applications

Our end-to-end development services include proof of concept, technology consulting, development, and QA. We bind apps and services together to function as a system.

Support & Maintenance

A well-maintained software is important for both large and small companies. For start-ups, this is the best way to reduce responsibilities as well as plan their expenses.

Why Us

Our web development efforts are focused on constantly applying tech innovation to provide additional value to our clients.

On time
& within budget

We set realistic expectations right from the beginning of our engagement and ensure that each project is structured to be on-time and within budget.


With LabForty, our clients get a highly customized service. Our experts are available at any time, 7 days a week! You can always count on us to help solve your problem promptly. You can always count on us to help solve your problem.

from experts

With LabForty, your project is handled by experts on every step of its development. Our team takes a balanced, and customized approach to each project from the discovery all the way to launch.

Dedicated to Our
Client's Success

We view ourselves as a vital part of our client’s technical teams and know that our success depends on their success and growth.

Knowledge. Passion. Fused Together.

Our technical expertise combined with a keen passion for what we do is the formula for the long-term success for our clients.

for Money

When you hire us to build your project, you are tapping into a positive experience which makes the difference between a successful project and an expensive mistake.

We Make Innovation Accessible.

The team at LabForty believes that software plays a crucial role for any business. We bring our industry knowledge and technology expertise to help you nurture customer decisions and drive revenue.

Success Stories

brandIQ is a global advertising technology and services firm that empowers organizations of all sizes to take control of their brand development and programmatic advertising through unified access and superior support of leading technologies.
Leverage Shares is the European leader in leveraged and inverse exchange traded products (ETPs), offering experienced traders magnified exposure, daily investment objectives, and efficiency when buying stocks on leverage.
Diamond Event offers professional setup of company parties and events, offering everything needed: design, decoration organization, and implementation. They take care of every detail including sound, light, DJ, musicians, ballet, decoration, catering, shows, host, and animators.
Founded in 2011 with the mission to provide unique and innovative solutions that facilitate the distribution and growth of investment products for asset managers, today FlexFunds is globally recognized as a best-in-class service provider for the administration of securitized assets. They have over 1.5 billion under administration with more than 250 Issuances and over 200 Clients around the world.