Web development as a powerful tool for business growth

Developing an effective web presence is imperative for sustainable business growth. Although you may invest a lot of time and resources on your social media pages, if your website doesn’t appeal to your audience, your digital marketing efforts will be in vain. With this fact in mind, forward-thinking companies are investing more and more in web development.

We no longer question whether website development is important or not, we know it is more so than ever.

It’s about understanding the needs of users and developing a web solution that delivers optimal results. Technology is constantly evolving and should be used for innovative solutions tailored to a company’s business needs. The ideal approach is to apply the latest trends in web development in a timely manner.

The internet is taking over the role of “asking a friend” in all industries. So if you position your business correctly, you can consistently win by converting users who have never heard of your company before into customers.

For an effective web presence and sustainable business growth, it is important that your web presence is developed and optimized through a combination of different techniques and disciplines such as SEO, copywriting, analytics, UX design, marketing and last but not least by a reliable partner you can trust and rely on, this will ensure high performance, reliability and a seamless end user experience.

Why is optimization important?

A successful modern website inevitably depends on its underlying technology. LabForty’s development process starts with analyzing your business needs and selecting the right platform and technology to make sure it’s easy to maintain and develop. We implement the necessary optimization techniques in each of our projects to ensure that our clients’ online presence is top-notch in terms of speed, reliability and user interface.

If your website is not well optimized, it doesn’t matter how many people search for terms relevant to your business, your website will not show up in search engine results and will not be noticed by anyone.

Properly applied optimization (SEO) techniques will generate traffic from interested users. Another often overlooked benefit is that SEO can lead to helping the environment. So when you do optimization, you can help reduce your carbon footprint.




Christian Pangratz

Christian Pangratz

Christian Pangratz is the CEO of LabForty, with strong aptitude for strategically assessing, formulating, and solving technical & business challenges in software development. Chris is result-driven with a taste for high-impact projects that cross multiple industries.

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